Geometry and Cultures


Everywhere, every civilization, many cultures separated by thousands of miles and thousands of years. Points, lines, Circles, Circles. . .  and Equilateral Triangle, Hexagon, Dodecagon, Square, Octagon, . .The rise of geometry was simultaneous with the rise of civilization.

Gold Tumi (See above)

Gold ceremonial axe with inlaid turquoise representing  probably  the pre Inca lord Naylamp. The word Tumi originates from the ancient Moche culture and was the name given to a sacrificial knife (Peru 200BC-600AD).

As time passed, its use was transformed from an object of ceremony into a surgical instrument, used particularly by the Incas, and later it became a symbol of the God of Healing.







Below: Tessellations from a tunic made by Paracas people (Peru, South Coast) c. 300BC - 200 AD



Below: Tessellations from the Lord of Sipan: necklace spiderman and warrior ears.