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The Landscape of E-Learning is a random landscape of specific subjects related to all training that is delivered with the assistance of a computer. Delivery of e-learning can be via CD, the Internet, or shared files on a network. The term E-learning evolved from CBT (Computer Bases Training) along with the maturation of the Internet, CDs, and DVDs. E-learning also includes Internet-based Learning, Web-based Learning, and Online Learning.

In higher education especially, the increasing tendency is to create a Managed Learning Environment (MLE) in which all aspects of a course are handled through a consistent interface that is standard throughout an institution, giving students a consistent user interface.  MLE is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) combined with a Managed Information System (MIS).

This word storming (brainstorming) is a mental exercise for producing ideas by right brain thinking (random, visual, subjective, emotional, holistic, intuitive, creative, divergent).







Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Bali, Angkor, Forbidden City, Bagan, Karnak, Teotihuacan



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Last updated: June 1, 2009