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Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Jenn 3D Software Mind Map

Triangle, Parallel Lines, Intersecting Lines

Geometry Problem 633
Triangle, Parallel Lines, Intersecting Lines.

Triangle, Angle Bisectors, Midpoint, Collinear

Geometry Problem 632.
Triangle, Interior and Exterior Angle Bisectors, Midpoints, Collinear Points.


Parallelograms Index.
Theorems and Problerms

Triangle, Angle Bisectors, Collinear

Geometry Problem 631.
Triangle, Exterior Angle Bisectors, Collinear Points.

Brahmagupta Theorem and Problems Index

Brahmagupta Theorem and Problems - Index
Brahmagupta (598–668) was an Indian mathematician and astronomer who discovered a neat formula for the area of a cyclic quadrilateral.

Solid Geometry

Dynamic Geometry Software - Examples.
Dynamic Geometry  or  Interactive Geometry
Software are computer programs which allow
one to create and then manipulate geometric

Clawson Point Puzzle, Geometry for Kids

Clawson Point Puzzle, Geometry for Kids.
22 Piece Polygons

Online education degree: geometry problems 11-20

Geometry Problems 11 - 20.
Angle, Angle bisector, Triangle, Altitude, Median,
Congruence, Cevian, Circle, Excircle, Excenter, Inradius, Exradius.

Euclid's Elements 23 definitions

Puzzle: Euclid's Elements Book I, 23 Definitions.
22 Piece Polygons.

Clawson Point

Clawson Point.
Orthic and Extangents Triangles, Concurrent lines.

Arbelos, Square, and Dynamic Geometry Software

Archimedes Arbelos and Square.
Dynamic Geometry Software Tracenpoche.
Step-by-Step construction, Manipulation, and animation.

Parallelograms Index

Parallelograms Index.
Theorems and Problems.

Word Tag Software

Word Cloud Software Generator.
Weighted list in visual design.

Ten Geometry Problems, Visual Index

Sangaku Japanese Geometry
Seventeenth and nineteenth centuries

Triangle, Perpendicular, Intersecting Lines

Geometry Problem 629
Triangle, Perpendicular to Sides, Intersecting Lines, Altitude.

Cyclic quadrilateral, Congruence, Parallel

Geometry Problem 628
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Congruence, Parallel Lines.

Geometry in Ontario, Canada, Slideshow

Geometry in the Real World, Toronto, Ontario - Slideshow.

Cyclic quadrilateral, Congruence, and Concyclic Points

Geometry Problem 627
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Congruence, Concyclic Points.

Triangle, Incenter, Excenter, Distance

Geometry Problem 626
Triangle, Distance from the Incenter to an Excenter.

Triangle, Parallel, Angle Bisector

Geometry Problem 625
Triangle, Parallel Lines, Congruence, Angle Bisector.

Triangle, Incenter, Excenter, Similarity

Geometry Problem 624
Triangle, Incenter, Excenter, Incircle, Excircle, Similarity.

Triangle, Incenter, Excenter, Concyclic Points

Geometry Problem 623
Triangle, Incenter, Excenter, Incircle, Excircle,
Concyclic Points.

Estadio Azteca

Estadio Azteca, Mexico.
Map and News. It is the fifth largest stadium capacity in the world.
Capacity: 105,064.

Triangle, Incircle, Inradius, Midpoint, Concurrency

Geometry Problem 592.
Triangle, Incenter, Incircle, Tangency Point, Midpoints, Concurrent Lines, Congruence.

Geometry in Los Angeles, California, Slideshow

Geometry in the Real World, Los Angeles, California - Slideshow.

Geometry in Chicago, IL, Slideshow

Geometry in the Real World, Chicago, Illinois - Slideshow.

Geometry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Slideshow

Geometry in the Real World, Philadelphia - Slideshow.

Cusco Main Square, Cathedral

Cusco, Cuzco Main Square Slideshow.


Huancayo Square

Huancayo Square, Slideshow

Triangle, Incircle, Inradius, Altitude, Midpoint

Geometry Problem 591.
Triangle, Incenter, Incircle, Inradius, Tangency Point, Midpoint, Altitude.

Geometry problems 581-590

Geometry Problems 581 - 590.
Quadrilateral, Diagonals, Concurrency, Incenter, Metric Relations, Circumcenters, Parallelogram, Octagon, Areas, Tangency Point, Midpoint, Cyclic Quadrilateral, Volume of two Triangular Pyramids, Equal Trihedral Angle, Product of three Edges.

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