Geometry from the Land of the Incas 23/80

Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Word Cloud for Dynamic Geometry

Parallel lines

Problem 552.
Parallel lines, Transversal, Angle Sums.

Wittenbauer Parallelogram

Problem 558.
Quadrilateral, Trisection, Sides, Wittenbauer Parallelogram, Area, Auxiliary Lines.

Varignon Parallelogram

Problem 557.
Quadrilateral, Midpoints, Sides, Varignon Parallelogram, Area, Auxiliary Lines.

Quadrilateral, Diagonal, Angle

Problem 556.
Quadrilateral, Diagonal, Angles, Auxiliary Lines.

Parallel lines, Angles

Problem 555.
Parallel lines, Angle Sums.

Concave quadrilateral

Problem 554.
Concave Quadrilateral, Angles, Sum.

Computational Geometry, Mind Map

Computational Geometry, Interactive Mind Map and News

Quadrilateral, Angle, Sum

Problem 553.
Quadrilateral, Angles, Sum.

Computational Geometry Index

Computational Geometry - Index

Geometry problems, Visual Index 5

Geometry Problems, Visual Index 5

Three Tangent Circles

Proposed Problem 445.
Three Tangent Circles, Tangency Points, Circumradius.

Tangent Circles

Proposed Problem 444.
Internally Tangent circles, Secant line, Chords, Angles, Congruence.

WolframAlpha Applications Index

Wolfram Alpha Applications Index.
Computational Knowledge Engine

Wolfram Alpha Examples Mind Map

Wolfram Alpha Examples, Interactive Mind Map.

WolframAlpha Geometry mind map

Wolfram Alpha Examples, Mathematics, Geometry, Interactive Mind Map.

Wolfram Alpha Examples Mind Map

Wolfram Alpha Examples Web, Computer & Technology, Interactive Mind Map.

Intersecting circles

Proposed Problem 443.
Overlapping, Intersecting Circles, Common Chord, Secant line, Tangent line, Angles.

Circle Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Circle.
Visual Summary.

Hexagon Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Hexagon.
Visual Summary.

Pentagon Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Pentagon.
Visual Summary.

Quadrilateral Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Quadrilateral.
Visual Summary.

Triangle Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Triangle.
Visual Summary.

Angle Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Angle.
Visual Summary.

Triangle, Median, Transversal

Proposed Problem 442.
Triangle, Median, Cevian, Transversal, Congruent Angles.

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