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Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Area of a triangle

Parallel lines

Problem 551.
Parallel lines, Transversal, Angle Sums.

Parallel lines

Problem 550.
Parallel lines, Transversal, Angle Sums.

Parallel lines

Problem 549.
Parallel lines, Transversal, Angle Sums.

Triangle, Circumcircles, Circumcenters, Concyclic

Problem 548.
Triangle, Transversal, Four Circumcircles, Circumcenters, Concyclic Points, Similarity.

Word Cloud of Topology

Word Cloud of Topology

Google Books Ngram: Mathematics

Google Books Ngram Viewer: Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Topology
This is Google Trends for all published (and scanned) English books in the past 200 years (1800-2000) about the ngrams: Algebra, Arithmetic, Set theory, Calculus, Geometry, Topology, Combinatorics, Number theory and Differential equations.

Google Books Ngram Viewer, Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Google Books Ngram Viewer
Tool for tracking cultural trends.

Design Geometry Problems

Geometry Problems Gallery Index
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Triangle, Four circumcircles

Problem 547.
Triangle, Transversal, Four Circumcircles, Concurrency.

Circumcircle Index

Circumcircle Index.

Triangle, Angle Trisectors, Equilateral

Problem 546.
Triangle, Angle Trisectors, 60 Degrees, Equilateral triangle.

Geometry problems 351-360

Geometry Problems 351 - 360.
Rhombus, Incircles, Common tangent, Tangential quadrilateral, Incircle, Inradii, 45 Degrees, Concyclic, Circle, Square, Area, Triangle, 80-80-20 Degrees.

Geometry problems 361-370

Geometry Problems 361 - 370.
Right triangle, Incircle, Incenter, Tangency points, Angle, Circle, Chord, Perpendicular, Congruence, Pythagoras, Obtuse, Diameter, Area, Circular sector.

Geometry problems 271-280

Geometry Problems 271 - 280.
Circle, Quadrilateral, Square, Tangent, Cube, Triangle, Isosceles, Area, 90-80-80-20 Degrees, Circumcircle, Sagitta, Inradius, Chord, Perpendicular.

Geometry problems 261-270

Geometry Problems 261 - 270.
Regular Polygon, Pentagon, Hexagon, Circle, Tangent, Similarity, Triangle, Hypotenuse, Catheti, Geometric Mean, Altitude, Projection, Fractional Exponent.

Geometry problems 251-260

Geometry Problems 251 - 260.
Parallelogram, Rectangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Area, Side, Equilateral, Isosceles, Centroid, Distance, Vertex, Circumcircle, Incircle, Tangent, Diagonal.

Geometry problems 501-510

Geometry Problems 501 - 510.
Triangle, Center, Midpoint, Square, Perpendicular, Equilateral, 60 Degrees, Angle, Segment, Congruence, Area, Mind Map.

Geometry problems 511-520

Geometry Problems 511 - 520.
Triangle, Parallelogram, Double Angle, Angle Bisector, Measure, Square. Concurrency, Area, Cevian, Congruence, Right triangle, 45 Degrees, Perpendicular.

Geometry problems 521-530

Geometry Problems 521 - 530.
Triangle, Squares, Altitude, Rectangle, Area, Circle, Collinear, Median, Trapezoid, Measurement, Tangent, Radius, Equilateral, Circumcircle, Congruence.

Geometry problems 531-540

Geometry Problems 531 - 540.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Area, Angle Bisector, Midpoint, Parallel, Perimeter, Perpendicular, Euclid Elements, Square, Dissection, Sawayama - Thebault's theorem.

Geometry problems 371-380

Geometry Problems 371 - 380.
Excenter, Incenter, Square, Inscribed circle, Triangle, Area, Tangent, Diagonal, Perpendicular, Altitude, Angle, Congruence, Parallel.

Geometry problems 381-390

Geometry Problems 381 - 390.
Quadrilateral, Diagonals, Angle Bisectors, Semi-sum of Angles, Concave, Difference, Parallel, Perimeter, Perpendicular, Congruence, Cyclic, Harmonic Mean.

Geometry problems 391-400

Geometry Problems 391 - 400.
Triangle, Parallelogram, Parallel lines, Collinear points, Concurrent, Orthocenter, Circumcircle, Congruence, Square, 15 Degree, Equilateral, Trisector.

Geometry problems 401-410

Geometry Problems 401 - 410.
Area, Triangle, Angle bisector, Circumcircle, Perpendicular bisector, Congruence, Hexagon, Centroid, Similarity, Congruence, Area, Equilateral, Concurrent.

Geometry problems 411-420

Geometry Problems 411 - 420.
Triangle, Median, Angles, Cevian, Congruence, Cyclic quadrilateral, Orthocenter, Parallelogram, Concurrency, Altitude, Trisector, Area, Tangent, Circle.

Geometry problems 421-430

Geometry Problems 421 - 430.
Right Triangle, Regular Pentagon, Cevian, Angles, Measurement, 30 Degrees, Congruence, Circumcircle, Circumcenter, Altitude, CIrcumradius, Quadrant, Area.

Geometry problems 431-440

Geometry Problems 431 - 440.
Quadrilateral, Trapezoid, Midpoint, Diagonal, Transversal, Parallel, Measurement, Similarity, Transversal, Proportion, Ratio, Congruence, Tangent, Isosceles.

English ESL, Conversations: In a New Neighborhood, Mind Map

English ESL/EFL: Conversations: In a New Neighborhood, Interactive Mind Map.

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