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Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Van Hiele Model Levels Mind Map

Triangle with three squares

Problem 510.
Triangle, Three Squares, Midpoints, Concurrency.

Molecular Geometry Word Cloud

Molecular Geometry Word Cloud.

Triangle, 120 Degrees, Angles, Congruence, Mind Map

Problem 509.
Triangle, 120 Degrees, Angles, Congruence, Mind Map.

Geometry problems 151-160

Geometry Problems 151 - 160.
Triangle, Quadrilateral, Area, Trisection, Circle, Proportion, Diagonal, Chord,Inradius, Circumradius, Exradius, Euler, distance, Incenter, Circumcenter, Excenter, Incircle, Circumcircle.

Triangle with three squares

Problem 508.
Triangle with three Squares, Four triangle of equal Area.

Triangle, 120 Degrees, Congruence, Angle

Problem 507.
Triangle, Interior Point, 120 Degrees, Congruence, Angle.

Microsoft Word - Tag, Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Microsoft Word and News.

Triangle with Three Squares, Center, Midpoint

Problem 506.
Triangle with Three Squares, Center, Midpoint, Perpendicular.

Dynamic Geometry - Tag, Word Cloud

Word Cloud of Dynamic Geometry or Interactive Geometry Software and News.

Right triangle, Cevian, Angles

Problem 505.
Right Triangle, Cevian, Sum of Segments, Angles.

Lissajous Figure Graphic Index

Lissajous Curve Index.

Equilateral Triangle, Angles, 45, 60 Degrees

Problem 504.
Equilateral Triangle, Angles, 45, 60 Degrees.

Ten Geometry Problems, Visual Index

Ten Geometry Problems, Visual Index

Geometry Problems 141-150

Geometry Problems 141 - 150.
Triangle, Quadrilateral, Parallelogram, Incircle, Incenter, Tangent, Parallel, Perimeter, Area, Inradius, Circumradius, Midpoint, Varignon, Trisection.

Geometry Problems 131-140

Geometry Problems 131 - 140.
Triangle, Parallelogram, Van Aubel, Collinearity, Concurrency, 60 Degrees, Incenter, Orthocenter, Incircle, Congruence, Midpoint, Angle Bisector, Altitude, Perpendicular, Parallel, Concyclic Points, Nagel Theorem, Circumradius, Semiperimeter, Excircle, Tangent, Ratio.

Triangle with Three Squares

Problem 503.
Triangle with Three Squares, Perpendicular, Congruence, Concurrency.

Triangle, Two Squares, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Half the measure

Problem 502.
Triangle, Two Squares, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Half the measure.

Triangle, Two Squares, Center, Midpoint

Problem 501.
Triangle, Two Squares, Center, Midpoint, another Square.

Circle, Diameter, Chord, Perpendicular

Problem 500.
Circle, Diameter, Chord, Perpendicular, Measure.

Triangle, Two Squares, Perpendicular

Problem 499.
Triangle, Two Squares, Perpendicular.

Triangle, Angle Bisector, Double Angle

Problem 498.
Triangle, Angle Bisector, Double Angle, Measure.

Triangle, Two Squares, Centers, Midpoint, 90 Degrees

Problem 497.
Triangle, Two Squares, Centers, Midpoint, 90 Degrees.

Triangle with Squares, 90 degrees

Problem 496.
Triangle, Two Squares, 90 Degrees, Concurrency, Angle Bisectors.

Triangle with 120 degrees

Problem 495.
Triangle, 120 Degrees, Angle Bisectors.

Geometry Problems 121-130

Geometry Problems 121 - 130.
Triangle, Area, Similarity, Trisection, Hexagon, Star, Incenter, Centroid, Parallel, Proportions, Angle Bisector, Ratio

Elearn 494: Circular Sector, 90 Degrees

Problem 494.
Circular Sector, 90 Degrees, Semicircle, Chord, Parallel.

Geometry Problems 111-120

Geometry Problems 111 - 120.
Orthogonal Circles, Triangle, Square, Area, Incircle, Excircle, Tangent, Incenter

Elearn 493: Right triangle, Circumcircle, Perpendicular

Problem 493.
Right Triangle, Circumcircle, Perpendicular, Chord.

Geometry Problems 101-110

Geometry Problems 101 - 110.
Angle, Equilateral Triangle, Pythagorean Theorem, Median, Heron, Cevian, Contact Triangle.

The Simson Line Index

The Simson Line, Theorems and Problems - Index.

Elearn 492: Quadrilateral, CIrcle, Perpendicular, Parallel

Problem 492.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Circle, Perpendicular, Side, Diagonal, Parallel.

Elearn 491: Square, Incircles, Radius, Side

Problem 491.
Square, Right Triangle, Incircle, Inscribed Circle, Radius.

Geometry Problems 91-100

Geometry Problems 91 - 100.
Similarity, Triangles, Altitude, Parallel, Circumcircle, Parallelogram, Incenter, Area, Centroid, Quadrilateral, Archimedes, Pythagoras.

Geometry Problem 81-90

Geometry Problems 81 - 90.
Triangle, Quadrilateral, Circle, Incircle, Circumcircle, Excircle, Inradius, Circumradius, Exradius, Contact Triangle, Area, Midpoint.

Elearn 490: Circular Sector Area

Problem 490.
Tangent Circles, Arc, Radius, Circular Sector, Area.

Pi Word Cloud Software

Pi: Word Cloud and News.
Archimedes' constant.

e (math constant) Word Cloud Software

Word Cloud of e (mathematical constant) and related topics.

Geometry Problems 71-80

Geometry Problems 71 - 80.
Cyclic Quadrilateral, Intersecting Circles, Area, Inradius, Incircle.

Isosceles triangle, midpoint, transversal

Proposed Problem 469.
Isosceles triangle, Midpoint, Transversal, Congruence.

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