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Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Circle, chord, congruence, angle

Proposed Problem 468.
Circle, Chord, Midpoint, Congruence, Angle.

Geometric Kaleidoscope 7

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps 7, Software, iPad, Point, Line, Plane.

Concentric circles

Proposed Problem 467.
Concentric Circles, Chord, Tangent, Congruence, Measurement.

Isolines: Chakana or Inca Cross

Geometric Art: Isolines of the Chakana Symbol or Inca Cross, Cuzco, iPad, Parallel Lines

Concentric circles, secant, congruence

Proposed Problem 466.
Concentric Circles, Secant, Congruence, Measurement.

Geometric Art Triangle, Quadrilateral, Circle, Line, Plane

Geometric Art: Mobile Apps, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Circle, Line, Plane.

Square, Arc, 90 degrees

Proposed Problem 465.
Square, Arc, Angle, 90 Degrees, Measurement.

Isolines: Adinkra Symbol Nea Onnim

Geometric Art: Isolines, Adinkra Symbol, Nea Onnim No Sua a Ohu, Knowledge, Learning, Parallel Lines

Square, Arc, Angle

Proposed Problem 464.
Square, Arcs, Center, Angle, 90 Degrees, 120 Degrees.

Napoleon Theorem and Problem Index

Napoleon's theorems and problems, Index.

Concentric circles, Index

Concentric Circles. Index.
Theorems and Problems. 

Concentric Circles, Tangent, Area

Proposed Problem 463.
Three Concentric Circles, Secant, Tangent, Triangle, Area.

Wolfram Mathematica and Geometry

Wolfram Mathematica Software.

Circle, visual summary

Circle, visual summary.

Triangle centers, visual index

Triangle Centers, Visual Index.

String art 08

String Art 08: Bézier curves, Geometric Pattern, Symmetry, Software

Wolfram Demonstrations Project and GoGeometry

Wolfram Demonstrations Project & GoGeometry.
Interact with demonstrations using the free Mathematica Player.

Square, Circle, Arc, 90 Degrees

Proposed Problem 462.
Square, Arcs, 90 Degrees, Circle, Tangent, Radius, Measurement.

Online Degrees Mind Map

Online Degrees: Guide to Online Schools, Interactive Mind Map.

Robotics Index

Robotics and Geometry Index.

Online College University Index

Online Degrees: Colleges and Universities - Index.

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