Geometry from the Land of the Incas 37/80

Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Inca Skull Surgery

Area of a triangle, Circumcircle, Angle Bisector

Proposed Problem 401.
Area, Triangle, Angle bisector, Circumcircle, Perpendicular bisector, Congruence.

Triangle, Angle Bisector, Circumcircle

Proposed Problem 400.
Triangle, Angle bisector, Circumcircle, Perpendicular, Congruence.

Inca exhibition in Brescia, Italy

Inca in Brescia: Live the Legend - Origin and Mysteries of the Golden Civilization”,.
Dec 4, 2009 - Jun 27, 2010.

Point, Theorems and Problems, Index

Points, Theorems and Problems - Index.

Quechua: Inca tongue

Andean nations seek revival for ancient Inca tongue.
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.

RIght triangle, Midpoints, Distance

Proposed Problem 399.
Right triangle, Midpoints, Distance, Pythagorean theorem, Congruence.

Parallelogram, Area

Proposed Problem 398.
Parallelogram, Area, Similarity, Congruence.

Triangle, Altitude

Proposed Problem 397.
Triangle, Altitude, Midpoints, Congruence.

Square, Angle trisectors

Proposed Problem 396.
Square, Angle Trisectors, Congruence, Area.

Square, 15 degree

Proposed Problem 395.
Square, 15 Degree, Equilateral triangle.

Kosnita theorem

Kosnita's Theorem.
Circumcenters, Concurrent lines.

Square, Circle

Proposed Problem 394.
Square, 90 Degree Arc, Diagonal, Congruence.

Triangle, Orthocenter

Proposed Problem 393.
Triangle, Orthocenter, Circumcircles, Congruence, Collinear.

Triangle, Parallel, Concurrent lines

Proposed Problem 392.
Triangle, Parallel lines, Concurrent lines.

Triangle, Parallel, Collinear points

Proposed Problem 391.
Triangle, Parallel lines, Collinear points.

Median of a triangle, Index

Median Index.
Theorems and Problems.

Killke Pottery

Pre-Inca Killke Pottery, Mind Map
Killke and Killke-Related Pottery from Cuzco, Peru, in the Field Museum of Natural History by Brian S. Bauer and Charles Stanish.


Triangle, Parallel, Collinear points

Proposed Problem 390.
Triangle, Parallel lines, Collinear points.

Circular Sector 90 degrees

Proposed Problem 403.
Circular sector, 90 degrees, Circle, Semicircle, Area.

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