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Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Dynamic Geometry Software

Isolines illustration: Statue of Liberty

Isolines illustration: Statue of Liberty, Geometric Art.

Euclid's Elements Book I

Euclid's Elements Book I Word Cloud.

Word Cloud Index

Word Cloud or Tag Cloud Index
Weighted list in visual design

Geometric Art: Kaleidoscope of Machu Picchu. iPad Apps

Geometric Art: Kaleidoscope of Machu Picchu. iPad Apps.

Artwork of Problem 27

Artwork of Geometry Problem 27, Triangle and Circles, Delaunay Triangulation, Circular Random Composition. iPad Apps.

Trigonometry Word Cloud

Trigonometry Word Cloud.

Right triangle, Incircle, Angle

Proposed Problem 361.
Right triangle, Incircle, Incenter, Tangency points, Angle.

Master Degrees Word Cloud

Master Degrees Word Cloud.

Area of Triangle, Circles, Diameters

Proposed Problem 360.
Area of a triangle, Curvilinear triangles, Circles, Diameters.

Cyclic quadrilateral, Rhombus

Proposed Problem 359.
Cyclic quadrilateral, Angle bisector, Rhombus.

Isosceles triangle 80 80 20

Proposed Problem 358.
Isosceles triangle 80-80-20, Circle, Angles, Congruence.

Mascheroni Construction with compass alone

Mascheroni construction: Find the center of a circle with compass alone.

Square, Exterior point, Triangle, Area

Proposed Problem 357.
Square, Exterior point, Triangles, Area.

Square, Triangle, Area

Proposed Problem 356.
Square, Point inside, Triangles, Area.

Algebra Index

Algebra Index.
Interactive Mind Map
Algebra History
Algebra Classification
Elementary Algebra

Circles, Tangent, Concyclic points

Proposed Problem 355.
Circles, Common external tangent, Concyclic points.

Machu Picchu window 5

Machu Picchu Window 6.

Rhombus, Square 

Proposed Problem 354.
Rhombus, Square, 45 degrees.

Machu Picchu window 4

Machu Picchu Window 4.

Tangential quadrilateral, Incircle, Inradius

Proposed Problem 353.
Tangential quadrilateral, Diagonals, Incircles, Inradii.

Machu Picchu window 3

Machu Picchu Window 3.

Tangential quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 352.
Tangential quadrilateral, Incircles, Common tangent, Circumscribable or Tangential quadrilateral.

Rhombus, Circumscribable quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 351.
Rhombus, Incircles, Common tangent, Circumscribable or Tangential quadrilateral.

Fields of Mathematics Mind map

Fields of Mathematics, Interactive Mind Map.
Mathematics can be subdivided into the study of quantity, structure, space, and change.

Triangle, Cevian, Incircles, Angles

Proposed Problem 350.
Triangle, Cevian, Incircles, Tangents, Tangency Point, Angles.

Trigonometry Mind Map

Trigonometry. Interactive Mind Map.

Triangle, Cevian, Incircles

Proposed Problem 349.
Triangle, Cevian, Incircles, Tangents, Tangency Point.

Squares Index

Square Index.
Theorems and Problems.

Common tangents

Proposed Problem 348.
Circles, Common External Tangents, Common Internal Tangent.

Triangle, Altitude, Circle, Concyclic points

Proposed Problem 347.
Triangle, Altitude, Perpendicular, Circle, Concyclic points.

Tangent Circles Index

Tangent Circles Index

Geometry Problem: Equal circles, Tangents, Hexagon

Proposed Problem 346.
Equal circles, Tangents, Hexagon, Semiperimeter.

Geometry Problem: Equal circles, Tangents

Proposed Problem 345.
Equal circles, Tangents, Concurrent lines, Hexagon, Semiperimeter.

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