Geometry from the Land of the Incas 42/80

Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Dynamic Geometry Software

Equilateral triangle and semicircle

Proposed Problem 326.
Equilateral triangle, Semicircle, Equal arcs.

Chan Chan, Pre Inca

Chan Chan: Sea Otters on the Wall 2.
Trujillo, Peru.

Chan Chan, Pre Inca

Chan Chan: Wall.
Trujillo, Peru.

Tangential or Circumscribed Quadrilateral Index, theorems and problems

Tangential or Circumscribed Quadrilateral

Tangential Quadrilateral: Pitot Theorem

Tangential or Circumscribed Quadrilateral: Pitot Theorem.

Altitude of a triangle

Altitude Index.
Theorems and Problems.

Six Tangential Quadrilaterals Theorem

Six Tangential or Circumscribed Quadrilaterals Theorem.

Isosceles triangle, Altitude, Incircle, Excircle

Proposed Problem 325.
Isosceles triangle, Altitude, Cevian, Incircle, Excircle.

Elearning 324: Quadrilateral

Proposed Problem 324.
Quadrilateral with perpendicular diagonals, Concurrence.

Triangle, Incenter, Circumcenter, Collinear

Proposed Problem 323.
Triangle, Incenter, Circumcenter, Equal circles, Collinearity.

Area of a triangle

Proposed Problem 322.
Square, Inscribed circle, Tangent, Triangle area.

Triangle, Incenter, Excircle, Altitude, Collinear

Proposed Problem 321.
Triangle, Incenter, Excircle, Midpoint of the Altitude, Collinearity.

Collinear Points Index

Collinear Points.

Triangle, Circumcenter, Incenter, Excenter, Collinear

Proposed Problem 320.
Triangle, Circumcircle, Incenter, Excenter, Collinear points.

Sacred Geometry: Mandala 

Sacred Geometry: Mandala.
Tibetan 'Five Deity Mandala', 17th Century.

Triangle, Altitude

Proposed Problem 319.
Triangle, Altitudes, Perpendiculars, Collinear points.

Elearning 318

Proposed Problem 318.
A Scalene triangle, Altitudes, Collinear points.

Elearning 317 Right triangle

Proposed Problem 317.
Right triangle and Inscribed Squares.

Circular Segments, Inscribed Squares

Proposed Problem 316.
Circular segments and Inscribed Squares.

Geometry Expressions Mind Map

Geometry Expressions Help. Interactive Mind Map.

Three Tangent Circles

Proposed Problem 315.
Three Tangent circles, Common external tangent line, Geometric Mean.

Geometric, Arithmetic, Harmonic Mean Relationship

Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Root Mean Square.

Tangent circles and line

Proposed Problem 314.
Tangent circles, Common external tangent line, Geometric Mean.

Circle, Chord, Tangent, Perpendicular

Proposed Problem 313.
Circle, Chord, Tangent, Perpendicular, Geometric Mean.

Sacred Geometry: Labyrinth

Theseus and the Minotaur Labyrinth. Golden Rectangles.

Geometric Mean Index

Geometric Mean.

Caral Supe

Sacred City of Caral-Supe, Peru added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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