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Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Transversal Line

Soddy Circles and Descartes Theorem

Soddy Circles and Descartes Theorem.
Three tangent circles, Inscribed and Circumscribed Circles, Radii.

Problem solving 294

Proposed Problem 294.
Right triangle, Circumcenter, Excenter, Hypotenuse, Perpendicular.

Problem solving 293

Proposed Problem 293.
Inscribed Quadrilateral, Perpendicular, Rectangle, Isosceles Right triangle, Area, Similarity.

Problem solving 292

Proposed Problem 292.
Triangle, Parallel, Congruence, Similarity.

Circles, Harmonic Mean

Proposed Problem 288: Tangent circles, Harmonic Mean, Radius, Diameter.

Google for Educators

Google for Educators Interactive Mind Map

Polygon Classification

Polygon Classification. Interactive Mind Map.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry Mind Map

Sacred Geometry Mind Map.





Regular Octagon

Proposed Problem 287: Regular Octagon.

Octagon, Square

Proposed Problem 286: Square, Midpoints, Octagon.

Singapore MRT

Singapore North East MRT Line and Golden Rectangles.
The North East MRT Line (NEL) is the third Mass Rapid Transit line in Singapore and the world's first fully-underground, automated and driverless rapid transit line.

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