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Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Ayacucho Square

Euclid Elements

Euclid's Elements Book VI, Proposition 3: Angle Bisector Theorem .

Elearning 127 Proportions

Proposed Problem 127. Centroid and Incenter of a Triangle, Parallel, Proportions.

Elearning 126

Proposed Problem 126. Incenter of Triangle, Angle Bisector, Proportions.


The significance of the Pythagorean theorem  by Jacob Bronowski.
Pythagorean Theorem, 47th Proposition of Euclid's Book I. 

Visual Mind Map

Interactive Visual Mind Map of Go Geometry .

Elearning 125

Proposed Problem 125. Area of Triangle, Star, Trisection of Sides.

Elearning 124

Proposed Problem 124. Area of triangle, Similarity, Trisection of Sides.

Elearning 123

Proposed Problem 123. Area of triangle, Similarity, Trisection of Sides.

Marion Walter Theorem

Proposed Problem 122. Marion Walter's Theorem. Area of triangle and Hexagon, Trisection of Sides.

Elearning 121

Proposed Problem 121. Similarity and Area of triangle, Trisection of Sides.

Huancayo Square

Huancayo Square the Wankas.

Fractal Geometry Index

Fractal Geometry Index.

Ayacucho Square

Ayacucho Square (Plaza de Armas)
Ayacucho video

Problem 120: Geometry Elearning

Proposed Problem 120. Area of triangle, incenter, excircles, tangent.

Problem 119. Geometry Elearning

Proposed Problem 119. Area of triangle, incenter, excircle, tangent.

Problem 118

Proposed Problem 118. Area of triangle, incenter, excenter, tangent.

Problem 117

Proposed Problem 117. Area of triangle, incenter, excircles, tangent.

Problem 116

Proposed Problem 116. Area of triangle, excircles, tangent.

Problem 115

Proposed Problem 115. Area of triangle, excircles, tangent.

Machu Picchu Inca Trail

Who Found Machu Picchu?.
Detailed investigations by a US historian have revealed that Machu Picchu was, in fact, discovered over 40 years earlier by a German businessman.

Problem 114

Proposed Problem 114. Area of  triangle, incircle, excircle.

Problem 113. Elearning: areas

Proposed Problem 113. Area of triangle, incircle, excircle.

Problem 112. Elearning.

Proposed Problem 112. Area of square and triangle.

Lord of Sipan

The Lord of Sipan, Video.

Problem 111. Elearning.

Proposed Problem 111. Orthogonal Circles.

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