Geometry from the Land of the Incas 59/80

Geometry, Machu Picchu

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Perpendicular theorems and problems

Arbelos, Inscribed Circle and Concyclic Points Cyclic Quadrilateral

Mind Map of the Inca Empire.

Proposed Problem 58: Right Triangle, Congruence, Perpendiculars.

Mind Map of Theorems

Mind Map of Theorems.

Euclid's Elements Book XIII, Proposition 10

Euclid's Elements, Book XIII, Proposition 10. One page visual illustration.

Math in the News

Math in the News.
Algebra, Analysis, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Applied Mathematics...

Caral Civilization

Caral: the Mother of All Civilizations? 2,627 BC.

Euler Line and Nine Point Circle

Nine-Point Center, Nine-Point Circle, Euler Line. Interactive illustration.

Euclid's Elements Book I, Pyhtagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem, 47th Proposition of Euclid's Book I, Video.

Euclid's Elements Book I, 23 definitions

Euclid's Book I, 23 Definitions. One-page visual illustration.
Euclid's Elements Book. Index

Sacred Geometry Mind Map

Sacred Geometry

Stewart Theorem

Stewart Theorem. Theorem Triangle and a cevian.

Video Geometry of Circles, 1979 

Geometry of Circles. "Sesame Street" by Philip Glass, 1979..

School of Athens Perspective 

The School of Athens Perspective: the Central Vanishing Point.


Principles and Standards for School of Mathematics. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTM,
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Math Quotes.

Generalizing Van Aubel: Michael de Villiers' Theorems.

The Archimedes Palimpsest
Archimedes Index

Archimedes: 3.14159 is Close Enough

Interactive Geometry Glossary using AnswerTips technology.
Index, E-learning

English as a Second Language ESL

Choquequirao, an ancient Inca site: Canary expedition in search of the white stone llamas.

De Gua's Theorem

Proposed Problem 52: Triangle, angles, incircle.

Mind Map of Web Designer Job Description

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