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Archimedes (287 - 212 B.C.) was born at Syracuse of Sicily as a son of the astronomer Pheidias. He learnt from the disciples of the mathematician Euclid when he was young. Archimedes is considered one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time (together with Newton and Gauss).

According to "The Works of Archimedes" by T. L. Heath, Cambridge 1897, Archimedes' works included "On the Sphere and Cylinder", "On the Measurement of a Circle", "On Conoids and Spheroids", "On Spirals", "On the Equilibriums of Planes", "The Sand-reckoner", "Quadrature of the parabola", "On Floating Bodies", "Book of Lemmas" and "The Method".

In the book "Book of Lemmas", attributed by Thabit ibn-Qurra to Archimedes, there were 15 propositions on circles, with the first proposition referred in the subsequent fifth and sixth propositions. The statements in "Book of Lemmas" do not seem to concur to a central theme.


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