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Peruvian Music: Grupo Nectar

The Grupo Nectar were representatives of the Peruvian “cumbia” music. This famous and outstanding Peruvian “cumbia” music band that is very popular in Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador, left a huge amount of hits and broken hearts.

The band was directed by the singer Jhonny Orozco. It was formed in 1995 and it had its most outstanding moment in 2000 with the song “El Arbolito” (The little tree) that reached the first positions in the ranking.

Peruvian Music: Grupo Nectar Songs:

El arbolito
Mujer Pecadora
Echarte al Olvido
Tu vives equivocada
Ojitos hechiceros
Lágrimas de hombres

Eres bonita
En las cantinas
Quiero que seas mi enamorada
Que tienes corazón
Señor Juez

En el cielo
El baile de la cumbia
Triste es tu final
Por ella

Peruvian techno group Nectar all die in Argentina

All nine members of the Peruvian cumbia group Néctar died in a road accident in Buenos Aires in the early hours of this morning (May 13, 2007). Front men Jhonny and Enrique Orozco were killed instantly, along with group manager Juan Murillo. No member of the group survived. The van was traveling from Buenos Aires to the nearby city of La Plata.

The group were popular all over Latin America for their techno-tropical style rhythms, and since their founding in 1995 had toured Europe and the USA.

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Last updated: October 30, 2007