BBC Horizon: Lost Pyramids of Caral

The magnificent ancient city of pyramids at Caral in Peru hit the headlines in 2001. The site is a thousand years older than the earliest known civilization in the Americas and, at 2,627 BC, is as old as the pyramids of Egypt.

Caral is one of the most ancient cities of America and a well-studied site of the Norte Chico civilization. This page presents the most popular videos from Google videos.


Peru opens Caral ruins to tourists

Hundreds of years before the Incas built Machu Picchu, the Caral civilization was at work on the Sacred City of Caral. Now Peru's Proyecto Especial Arqueologico Caral-Supe (Caral-Supe Special Archeological Project) is busily restoring this archaeological treasure, and it is inviting tourists who visit Lima to come and have a look. Located in the Supe Valley, the historic site is about two hours north of Lima and easily accessible by the Pan-American Highway.


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Last updated: June 12, 2009